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>The crucifix in his left hand

Chris Farley really puts overdose and drug addiction into perspective.


>really puts overdose and drug addiction into perspective
How so? I can imagine when he was on the floor, going through whatever pain in his last moments, he tried anything he could think of to not die.



Yeah but the thought of being able to feel that you were going to die long enough to go repent. I know plenty of people who go through cancer do the same thing, but it's just so sudden, but not sudden enough if that makes sense.


Ah I get you. It must be an absolutely surreal yet frightening realisation that you're going to die; especially in such a quick and violent manner. At least with cancer you have some time to get affairs in order and, potentially, make peace with the fact.


Its a rosary, used for praying and for hailing Mary. Probably promising his savior that if he were to survive that he would actually change his live this time. Another empty lie.

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