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Except worse
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Kill me fam


For what purpose?


To be free of obligation tbh. I don't want to live in this structure. I need to ascend to a different plane.



What are you trying to escape?


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I have no meaningful, marketable skill that will make me money. I used to be happy with it but the reality of my skills makes me hate them.
I am terrified to fail with the only things i'm good at.

I feel obligated to stay with my family. Like they will renounce me if i move elsewhere. I'm afraid to leave because they are there for me even if I'm a piece of shit.


I do have a meaningful and marketable skill and I can't find a job, so I can sort of relate. Your family sounds overbearing.


You'll think me when your dead.


If you aren't a POC you can learn a skill easily enough like small engine mechanic or welder or plumber or something. If you are a POC just start a YouTube channel and a patron account whites will flock to donate.

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