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You can now contact the admin by emailing contact@2chon.org


Hello could someone point me in the direction of the Music board? Thank you.


Here seems a good as any place.


9 year olds in Africa have lived long enough to die a starving death with aids and Zika and this is what 9 year olds in holland can accomplish.

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Any chance of an options tab so users can create their own CSS? I use a custom one across all the different image boards I use, and I'm currently having to use Stylish to change MSAnon.


It should be working now. It will be in the options menu in the top right corner of the screen now.

Also anyone else browsing along don't think I've abandoned the site. I'm working on movie night right now.


Wew Admin-sama, that was quick! Thanks heaps, really appreciate it.


>I'm working on movie night right now.
What movies are you thinking of including?


I do what I can for the people. If only I had more to please.

Movies can be requested in /r/ whenever you want and if I can find a stream for it, I will stream on my computer and livestream it for everyone else to watch. I haven't worked out formalities on time or how many I will stream and on what nights but it will probably be on the weekends and it will probably just go on until I fall asleep that night.


> If only I had more to please.
Even if it's just you and me admin-sama, I'll keep coming back.

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I'm not sure where to post this. I just noticed that the catalog view is showing incorrect replies for certain threads. Not a massive issue, but though BO might like to know!


Thank you, Vichan is a buggy as hell and a lot of pages need to be rebuilt often it seems.

It seems to be working now for me. Tell me if it's not for you.


Looks all good now admin-sama.

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Post source images and I'll make banners for them. The most popular one (based on replies) will get janitor privileges.
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I'll raise the dimensions limit from 550x300 to 700x300


>550x300 to 700x300
Ah that's what it was. I couldn't figure out why I was getting the error. Thanks.



It's a really good banner, imo


Thanks Admin-sama.


File: 1481968221283.gif (351.47 KB, 796x331, msanon maga animated.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I made another one too big again! This time it's a gif.

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